The Cost of Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost is an effective cost-effective, discreet and low-cost solution to protect your vehicle. It prevents your car from starting until an individual pin code or sequence is entered alongside your key fob.

It can be monitored by an iPhone app. It also helps to lower the cost of insurance.

How much will it cost to install an immobiliser that is ghost?

A ghost immobiliser protects your vehicle from theft by using an electronic device. It works by sending a unique code to the ECU (engine control unit) that prevents you from starting your car regardless of the key or fob you use. It usually also activates the car alarm in order to draw attention and scare away thieves.

Autowatch developed the ghost immobiliser to offer an innovative solution to protect car owners from theft. It is the original aftermarket immobiliser for the CAN bus that provides an efficient, cost-effective and discrete method of preventing your vehicle from being stolen via key cloning or hacking.

The system is connected to your vehicle's CAN data networks and includes a PIN code that must be entered by pressing the buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard to disable it. The system also has an anti-hijack mode which stops the engine from starting if the correct code is not first entered.

The Ghost immobiliser does not require cutting wires or the installation of aftermarket keys. Instead, it is installed by connecting Ghost to the vehicle’s factory controls. This means that installers do not have to cut cables and can install it quietly and without causing any damage to your vehicle.

The ghost immobiliser can not only stop your vehicle from being stolen but it can also lower the cost of insurance. The device has been certified by TASSA as an approved insurance immobiliser which shows that you are an accountable owner. This should mean that most insurance companies will offer an affordable premium or in some cases even accept your application for insurance in the first place.

The best part of the ghost immobiliser is that it can be installed within a matter minutes, which means you'll have peace of assurance that your vehicle is secure from theft throughout the day. Plus, the installation process leaves no permanent marks to the interior of your vehicle so you can have the pleasure of having a classic car.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

Ghost immobilisers are system that provides an additional layer of security to your vehicle on top of the factory-installed standard immobiliser. It stops the cloning of keys, signal jamming, and device spoofing, which thieves use to steal vehicles. This is done by adding a function that will only allow an engine to start only when a unique code or PIN code is entered. This ensures that even if thieves do succeed in stealing your vehicle with the help of the latest keyless cloning, relay and hacking techniques, they will be in no position to take it away.

310300814_438157535072560_44143179768643The Autowatch Ghost CAN bus immobiliser, a new aftermarket product, shields your vehicle from thieves using high-tech better than any other product that is available today. It protects your car from key cloning, hacking and even key theft and prevents them from stealing your pride and joy. It does this by using buttons on your steering wheel, door panels or centre console to create a unique and changeable pin code sequence that has to be entered before you can drive it. This could take as many as 20 presses and makes it harder for thieves to evade the device by using RF scanner technology or code grabbers.

It is hidden within the wiring of your vehicle, it is completely silent and has no LED indications which means that only you and our authorized installers will know where it's located. It is also connected directly to the CAN bus, which makes it difficult to hack or bypass. It is only deactivated by connecting to a diagnostic port which is not accessible on the majority of modern cars.

If you have to take your car into a garage or for valet parking, you can simply change the ghost immobiliser near me to service mode by pressing the button on the device again. If you are concerned that your car could be stolen, or if you need to take it to a repair facility, you won't have to keep track of a unique PIN. The PIN code is simple to reset and can be changed at any time by you to ensure your security.

How do I know if a ghost immobiliser is the right fit for my car?

As a car owner you want to ensure that your most prized possession and your vehicle is as secure as can be. Many car owners use ghost immobilisers to stop their vehicles from being taken. They do this by preventing the vehicle from beginning without a key or code. They're a great accessory for any car, but are particularly useful for luxury vehicles like Porsches and Mercedes that are frequently targeted by thieves due to their perceived value.

A ghost immobiliser is a device that is installed discreetly in your vehicle without causing any harm and works by connecting to the CAN data bus and creating an individual pin code sequence, which must be entered before the vehicle can start. This is accomplished by using buttons within your vehicle, like those on the steering wheel or center console, and is changed to a new sequence for every use. This is much more secure than traditional security systems because it cannot be defeated by code-grabbing or RF scanning technology, which means only those who know the pin code are able to start the engine.

By using the buttons on your vehicle, a ghost immobiliser is also extremely user-friendly, since you can quickly enter the PIN code sequence that is easy for you to remember, but is computationally impossible for anyone else to guess. You can leave your vehicle with valet parking, or have it maintained without worrying that someone could hack into the system.

Ghost immobilisers can also protect the resale price of your vehicle, since potential buyers are less likely to purchase cars with a criminal history. This is especially true for luxury cars, since theft can influence the price at which it is sold.

A ghost immobiliser can also be beneficial for luxury cars because it can be erected and removed without putting yourself at risk of being detected or damaged. This makes it perfect for those who frequently transport their vehicles to the car wash or be parked in public areas, because you can remove and reuse your ghost immobiliser at any moment.

How do I get a Ghost immobiliser fitted to my car?

Ghost immobilisers prevent vehicle theft in a discrete manner because they don't depend on any physical antitheft equipment like steering wheel locks. They can be put inside vehicles to safeguard them from hacking, key cloning and other modern methods of theft and can only be disabled by the owner using the mobile application.

The autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting Ghost immobiliser is a TASSA verified device that is designed to guard vehicles against the most recent methods of theft. The system stops thieves from swapping keys, by linking to the security register of the vehicle. It also creates a unique pin code for each driver. This code can only be generated by the registered owner of the vehicle. It cannot be generated from any other device. This code also helps the police locate the vehicle in a database to facilitate an efficient and speedy investigation. This can save time and money for owners, since they don't have to wait around for a new car.

In contrast to traditional key fobs that use codes or code, the Ghost immobiliser communicates with the vehicle's ECU via the modern CAN network. Once the PIN code has been entered, the system will disable the engine. This means a thief is unable to start your vehicle, even if they have the keys or access to the ignition.

It will also disable any devices that can be used to duplicate the keys to your vehicle. This will make it far more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle, or even sell it to someone else to make scrap metal.

Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser on the market and has been endorsed by TASSA for stopping cloning hacking and other advanced methods of theft. It is easy to install, and can be activated by a smartphone running Ghost.

You'll need to contact a TASSA-certified company to install an immobiliser that is ghost. The certification requires that the company adhere to certain minimum standards and undergo a criminal background check. Trackershop, one of the most reliable dealers who are TASSA certified offers the ability to install your mobile device anyplace, including your office, home or at a dealership.

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