How Window Repairs Impacted My Life The Better

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Glass-Replacement-150x150.jpgUPVC Window Repairs

uPVC windows are energy efficient and help reduce heating costs. As they get older, however, issues may develop that need to be addressed. This could include damaged hinges, handles or locks.

Wooden window repair is fairly simple for DIY enthusiasts to complete themselves. It is also less expensive than a brand new replacement window.


Cracks and breaks can be a major problem. Leaving them unrepaired can result in water infiltration as well as less effective barriers against cold temperatures and the potential for structural damage. Find a local builder who specializes in repairing uPVC frames. They must have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to achieve the best results. This will ensure that the fracture is repaired quickly before it gets worse and you don't need to replace your window unit or glass.

Small cracks in glass can be repaired by using a variety of DIY solutions. Superglue and masking tape are two of the most common products used to keep glass that has cracked in place for a short duration. For deeper cracks the tape may have to extend beyond the crack on both sides for optimal results.

You can also use two-part epoxy to repair broken or cracked glasses. Most hardware stores sell this product for around $10. Make sure your workspace is prepared before mixing the epoxy. Also, ensure that you have all the equipment required to complete the task.

If you notice that your upper or lower sash is having difficulty lifting it could be because the cords that connect to the sashweights have been damaged. This is an easy fix that can be done with a ladder and flathead screwdriver. A rotted dripcap can also be replaced at home. Drain caps that are free of rot are available at a majority of home centers and can be secured with nails and caulked in place with ease. If you have a double or triple-pane window, make sure to make sure that one of the panes are not broken. This is because the gases that are filling the space between the panes contribute to improving energy efficiency and should be kept, not escaping.

Water Leaks

If your uPVC windows leak, it could cause damage to the interior of your home and result in costly repairs. Water leaks can also cause structural damage to your home and the growth of mold. It is important to fix any issues caused by leaky windows immediately to prevent damage.

One common cause of window leaks is a damaged sealant around the frame. Silicone caulking will restore the seal to its original condition and prevent leakage. Look for gaps and cracks between the window frame as well as the brick or stone wall that surrounds your windows.

A blocked drainage hole or an issue with flashing are the other two common causes of leaking windows. It's important to check that the drainage holes are clean and unclogged, especially during heavy rainstorms. You should also look at the window's flashing to ensure that it is properly sealed.

It's also essential to make sure that your drip cap doesn't have any decay or is missing. A rotted drip cap or one that's not there can allow water from above to enter your window and cause structural damage. Replacing the drip cap isn't difficult and generally a simple process of purchasing an entirely new one and putting it in the correct position.

It's recommended to have your windows tested for water-tightness by a qualified. They can make use of a device to determine the water-tightness of your windows and ensure that they comply with industry standards. If your windows fail the test, they'll require replacement. It's a costly fix but it's worthwhile to ensure the safety and security of your family.


If your windows don't close properly, it can result in a myriad of problems, including condensation, drafts and a rise in your energy bills. It could also be a sign that the windows weren't well installed or the sealant is no longer effective. There are several things you can do to resolve the issue.

The first step is to set up an area with ample natural light to help repair your window properly. Begin by laying out newspaper or an old blanket to shield your flooring from any splinters or drips from the windows while you work.

Use a white cloth, soaked in a solution of water and detergent. This will ensure that you do not leave any stains of color on your windows. When you are ready to work on your uPVC windows, begin by marking where the hinge channel must be situated. Then unscrew the channel from the frame and fill the screw holes using epoxy (for uPVC windows) or wood filler (if frames are constructed from wood). Make sure you scrape the filled hole smooth before it sets.

Install the hinge channel after the holes have been filled. Make sure that it is centered on the window jamb and make sure you drill the new screw holes about quarter inch away from the original locations.

Then, take a measurement of the length of the spindle protruding from the underside of your handle. You can then order a replacement online or bring your old one in to a hardware store for matching. Remove the setscrew off the operator shaft. Flatten it to allow the set screw to be locked onto the shaft. Then, your uPVC windows should close easily.

Broken Hinges

If your uPVC window hinges are damaged or aren't working properly then you'll find it difficult to open or close the window. This could be a security risk and can also stop your home from staying warm or cold. It's easy to get a new window hinge for your uPVC windows. It's essential to ensure you have the right hinge for your windows.

The hinges have to be identical in size to fit in the frame of the window. The most commonly used hinge used in uPVC windows is a standard 15mm or 18mm UPVC window replacement near me hinge. There are also specialized kinds of window hinges that are suitable for different kinds of frames like wooden frames. The right type of hinge will allow you to avoid the common issues with your windows.

Your window hinges could be stiff or loose due to a variety of reasons. The hinges may not be sufficiently tightened. To check this, use an electric screwdriver to locate the friction screw on the hinge's end. Release it. Then, you can adjust it by turning it in either direction.

Call Preston Glass Fix if your UPVC window's hinges aren't working properly. We can provide a quick fix. Our technicians will inspect the condition of your hinges and give you advice on the best solution. We can replace window hinges, retension them or install new locking mechanisms to ensure that your UPVC Windows are safe and secure.

Locks that aren't working

UPVC window mechanisms and locks are a crucial part of home security. They make it very difficult to open windows without breaking into the house. When a lock fails it can be a frustrating experience, but it is a quick and easy repair and you don't have to replace the entire window.

It is often an issue that is minor and could have been easily prevented with regular maintenance. This is the reason we recommend that you have your uPVC windows maintained regularly using our yearly maintenance package to minimize the risk of issues.

Modern upvc repairs windows come with espagnolette locks. They work by pushing the nose of the handle onto a wedge block, and then turning it to close the lock. They are very efficient in keeping the window secure, but with time, they may begin to fail if they're not properly maintained - we recommend applying WD-40 to the lock a couple of times per year.

If you notice your uPVC window isn't opening and closing as easily as it used to, or if the lock doesn't function correctly, it could be an issue with the locking gearboxes in the frame. This can be difficult to access since it requires removing the seals around the frame of the window and then taking the handle off.

A locksmith who specialises in UPVC repairs will have the expertise to diagnose this fault quickly and be able to replace the failed locking gearbox with a precise replacement. This quick and easy fix can save you hundreds by avoiding the need to purchase new windows.

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